In the center of Chora, on the manorial pedestrian street, a few steps below Empeirikos Mansion you will stop at the “Endochora” to taste the flavors prepared by Kimonas Katenidis, dishes based on the raw materials of Andros and the waves of the Aegean Sea.

Kimonas has experience in hospitality, and although he began his ”career ”from the beach bar, has managed to create one of the most beautiful halls of the Cyclades. I met him over the fires, as he was preparing us a menu that fully reflects both the Endohora’s philosophy and the gastronomy of Andros in general.

The menu starts (ALWAYS) with a variety of cheeses (12.00 euros). The hashtag #Cheesetourism is the most ideal to describe the joys that your palate will live on the northernmost island of the Cyclades.

Most cheeses come from Asouti’s dairy and give you excitement that you do not live far from Andros. You should try the cheeses, marathotyri, volaki, malako, chloro, kopanisti, wine gruyere and petroti.

The stars in the menu are, the fried haloumi with sweet grape preserves (6.00 euros), the zucchini with yogurt sauce (6.50 euros), salad with black-eyed peas, buckwheat and tuna, the tuna steak, green beans with truffle oil, capers and spring onions (EUR 5.00), and traditional Andros sausages.

Address: Empeirikou str., 84500, Andros, Kikladhes, Greece
Tel: 2282 023207
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ενδοχώρα

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