Fresh fig and prosciutto salad

    I love this one! It’s just so typical of this late summer season… It owes its (every time) success to the amazing marriage of salty prosciutton and sweet figs! I only h [...] Read more…

  • cheese truffles recipe cool artisan

    Cheese Truffles Recipe

    This one will become your favorite for “impromptu” last minute Sunday lunches! Ingredients 250 gr feta 250g cream cheese herbs (mint, basil or whatever else you like) r [...] Read more…

  • Smoked tuna and sardines salad food blog

    Smoked tuna and sardines salad

    This one is a true Aegean recipe! It just happened to me a day I needed something fresh, something to remind me my summer holidays! Ingredients 200 gr Smoked Tuna 3 Sardines (fresh [...] Read more…

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