At the “off-Broadway” part of Chalandri neighbourhood, far away from the “difficult in parking” square, there is Chefi. At 31 Perikleous Str you will come cross a creative cookhouse that dares to mix egg slices with traditional Fasolada (greek beans soup) cream and chilli jam in a creative hot-dog. From appetizers, I’ve also chosen the mushrooms dish accompanied by smoked cheese cream and egg.

Main dishes are a creative puzzle where you are called upon choosing among side dishes, main meat and sauce. As far as side dishes are concerned you will find mashed sweet potatoes, fries, grilled vegetables or green salad. When it comes to sauce, you can choose among parmesan sauce, yoghurt-spearmint, ranchero or Madeira.

Among the highlights of the menu I favour picanha, a dish for those who adore tender beef meat. It is served on sticks made of metal and it is perfectly accompanied by fluffy mashed sweet potatoes. You will also find Pork Iberico, Rib Eye and BBQ Spare Ribs.

Before the night ends, you will try beloved desserts like mille feuilles, chocolate orgasm and tiramisu. Tiramisu is a mousse with an espresso feeling (right  after the authentic recipe) with crispy wafer and ice cream. On the other side, chocolate orgasm is a game of textures, with mini fondants and mousse, a dessert to be shared.

Address: 31 Perikleous Str, Chalandri
Τηλ.: 0030 210 68 15 774
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