Mother’s Day special Lemon Cake recipe

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This Sunday is the Mother’s Day, the day that my mom expects me to wake up early and call her in order to wish her for a Happy Mother’s Day! I believe more eagerly than her birthday! This year I decided to make for her a cake mainly to impress her (!) but also to use her preserve fruit sweet, the one she makes for years but always is left on the shelves in the fridge, both mine and my brother’s.

I simply wanted to combine a traditional recipe I loved since my childhood with a “technicolor” lemon cake! You can make it using any preserve fruit sweet you like, as long as you chop it up.

Great thanks to Electrolux who hosted me in the kitchen in order to use the necessary appliances for the perfect recipe’s execution! Pastry making and especially cakes demand accuracy for temperature and baking time, achieved only using state of the art technology.

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