How to assemble a super delicious plateau

Whether you are a vegan or you follow a balanced diet, you got the right on variety.

I am preparing a plateau full of treats that will satisfy you and will cheer you up! Of course, the leading role belongs to the crispy Power Health soy crisps. They contain only 120 calories/package, so there you go with the yummiest and healthiest choice!


Humus is the best side dish for Power Health’s soy crisps! In my recipe for humus, I add an extra bit of lemon juice because I like it being a bit acidic. Most of the times I will also have a bit of pesto, a spicy mustard and home-made olives paté!


At this season of the year, I always have at my place pistachios and pecan nuts! A clever way to combine sweet and savoury nuts! Let me remind you, they are rich in vitamins…


Fresh or dried? This plateau cannot exist without dates on it! They are the healthiest sweet choice. I also like red berries for their acidity.

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