The fig, with its sweet taste and velvety texture, is a treasure for both sweet and salty recipes. It doesn’t last long, until about half of September, but it marks the sweetest start of the new season.

It’s a delicate fruit and that’s why you have to cut it and use it or decorate your recipes with it, just before you serve it.

For the base I use my favorite pâte sucrée. Click here to see the basic recipe for sweet tart dough..

One of the ingredients that give flavor and aroma to the recipe is lemon curd, the sweet-sour lemon cream with velvety texture. You can get it ready from the super market or make your own. Click here to see the recipe.



  • Prepare the tart dough, according to the instructions, click here.
  • We blind bake the dough (i.e., covered with baking sheet, cklick here to see how). When ready remove the baking sheet and bake until golden brown.
  • Allow it to come to room temperature.
  • In a bowl, mix the mascarpone with yogurt, zest and lemon curd.
  • Leave the mixture in the refrigerator to bind for an hour.
  • Then fill the tart dough with cream and decorate the surface with figs, just before serving.

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