The season of the terrace is officially here! And this means that the weekend brunch comes out on the balcony, in the garden, on the terrace! But what is the starting point of the brunch? Coffee! The frozen, aromatic fredo that helps you start your day right and taste deliciously all the delicacies you will prepare.

Today, in addition to recipes and will talk to you about a subject that has long afflict my home. The right Fredo and how to make it!

How to make perfect Freddo Espresso


The first and foremost concern is to get the right type of coffee depending on how you like to drink your coffee. Ideal variety for Freddo Espresso is Kenya that you can buy in Starbucks capsules. It is an intense coffee, an ideal proposition for cold drink for rejuvenation in the summer due to its vivid acidity and citrus flavors that appear even more as the coffee cools. It has a high acidity and a full body. See here the steps to make it:

  • We start by preparing two single espresso with Starbucks Kenya capsules. The two capsules are necessary when talking about freddo. And we always “run” in a regular dose rather than a lungo.
  • Having finished the extraction, those who want to add sugar do it at this point and mix it to dissolve with a teaspoon. Personally, I prefer it straight. There is a general rule that if we want to achieve the same sweetness we put almost twice as much sugar as in the hot double espresso. But this depends on your own taste criterion.
  • Add ice cubes in a quantity of our choice and beat the coffee with ice in the frape mixer. If you want use the shaker. I think big ice cubes are better if we have enough time to drink our coffee. The small ones melt very quickly and “water down” the taste. Under no circumstances I do not use grated ice.
  • I stir the coffee with ice cubes to cool and serve in a low glass. The mixing is better with breaks (like a pulse), so that coffee does not foam too much.
  • After we hit the coffee with the ice cubes, serve it with the ice cubes in a low glass.
  • I personally choose to have some lean straws at home because you enjoy the taste of the coffee. But since the plastic straws have become an ecological taboo nowadays (and rightly so) I have turned it into paper straws. It’s even better for the instagram as you see in the photo.

How to make perfect Freddo Cappuccino


Our starting point here is the right variety of coffee. Not all coffees fit in freddo cappuccino. To get the right result, like what I would have if I drank coffee (from a professional hand) I choose Colombia, which I take in capsules from Starbucks stores. It comes from Colombia and is cultivated in a farm at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters in the Andes, in a volcanic area. This area is also known throughout the world as a perfect source for delightful coffee.

To make our coffee in this case, we follow the same procedure we do in freddo espresso, except that we do not shake coffee with the ice cubes in a shaker or mixer.

For the froth there are two ways:

  1. For freddo cappuccino, we prepare the froth using low fat or completely lean milk, a mixer and a metal utensil, or a simple coffee maker. Beat until thick. Pour the thick froth that was formed on the ice and add the espresso.
  2. We can prepare the froth using a French press. Simply put cold low fat milk or 0% in the French press and we lift the plunger about 10 times. The result is an excellent froth.


  • If you use non-dairy milk (like me) be prepared for a short-life froth that will soon be dissolved in the milk.
  • The Starbucks capsules are fully compatible with domestic coffee machines like Krups, DeLonghi, Nespresso and other household operated machines that work with Nespresso capsule. They can not be used on Tassimo, Dolce Gusto machines or on Nespresso professional machines.
  • In the Starbucks recycling program, we can recycle any capsule from any company


And 4 (sweet and salty) recipes to create the ideal, homemade brunch. Click on the photo to see the recipe

Open sandwich with saute mushrooms and spinach

Forest fruit tart


Apple crumble cake

Potato tart with arugula and prosciutto


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