3 Ingredients Chocolate Cake

With the minimum of ingredients you’ll impress everyone in no time!

Originaly Published: provocateur.gr


  • 400 g. milk dark chocolate
  • 150 g. milk
  • 200 g. yogurt


  • Cut chocolate into small pieces and place it in a bowl. Add milk and put the bowl over boiling water.
  • With a rubber spatula mix chocolate until a smooth mixture.
  • Add yogurt ana stir well.
  • Transfer mixture into a baking pan (or a hoop) and if we like add extra ingredients.
  • Decorate as desired (cocoa, colored sprinkles, fruit, etc).
  • Cool cake into the refrigerator before serve.
Tip: For extra taste we can use cookies, orange zest, coffee, nuts. I used oreo cookies.

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